Sunday, June 24, 2012

Female Celebrities and Fictional Characters Who Would Be My Friend If They Really Knew Me

There are a few famous females who if they had the opportunity to get to know me, I believe would truly enjoy being my friend in real life.

In no particular order, here are the sisters of my traveling pants club.

Kaitlin Olson - Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
Days would start out pretty simple. We'd share a few beers and follow it up with some more beer. Then, it'd be lunch time so we'd chat about how to spend the rest of our day. That's when we would decide to recreate a scene from Sex and the City or plan a road trip to the Grand Canyon in an RV we “borrow” from the neighbors.

Kristin Wiig - SNL Star and Face of Bridesmaids
Kristin and I would bond over our mutual ability to dance like we're performing next to Charlie Chaplin. I'd like to believe we would just spend our time doing a lot of dance dares. (Not familiar with dance dares? See pure awesomeness here).

Mindy Kaling - Writer and Cast Member for The Office
Mindy and I would spend the majority of our hang out sessions shopping and commenting on each others clothes. I'd tell her how pretty she looks in that dress and she'd tell me what it's like working with John Krasinski and not being able to grab his butt while shooting.

Cindy Chupack - Television Writer best known for her work on Sex and the City 
Cindy would be considered my “lady friend.” (Lady friend is a term my mother uses to describe a relationship between an adult woman and another woman old enough to be her mother. My moms lady friend is Anne. She's 92. They watch Mary Tyler More together).

My lady friend would be Cindy and we'd meet for brunch at outdoor restaurants in NYC. We'd always order a glass of some-adult-festive-beverage because that's just how me and my lady friend roll. Then, I'd listen to Cindy describe her recent trip out to LA. Her stories consistently shed advice into my twenty something soul. Sometimes at lunch, she'll ask to review one of my stories I've been working on. She provides insightful comments and articulates how to transform dialogue to make it sound more realistic. Inbetween reading, she makes a snarky comment about middle aged men who sext. She's such great lady friend. 


  1. Kristen Wig is hysterical. I could not stop laughing during that flight scene in bridesmaid.

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