Friday, June 8, 2012

Top 5 Misused Trade Show Sayings

I'm an advocate of eCommerce and you can be too! 

Vendors in their natural habitat 

I work in the eCommerce industry (my job is to consult people on how to sell more stuff online and be all around awesome). One of the perks is getting to attend the world's largest conference and exhibit for eCommerce known as Internet Retailer

This year the conference was held in Chicago. I worked our booth in the exhibit hall and mingled with existing clients, newbies looking to learn more about how to sell and succeed online, and other exhibitors who we'd have partnership potential. 

I find interactions with the fellow vendors most fascinating. Exhibitors are trade show regulars who not only repeat annual trade shows but their floor lingo as well. Here are the top five most misused trade show sayings from one vendor to another delivered from me to you. 

1) "That's very interesting." - Chances are you did not find this at all interesting. It's just more polite though than saying, "I have no interest in what it is that you do," or "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about."

2) "Let's connect." - You don't want to seriously connect. Let's be honest, our businesses don't have a common thread. How can we partner when we wouldn't compliment each other? No, no you're right. Let's connect. 

3) "I'll try to make that event tonight." - No you won't. I understand you mean well but just be honest. You are going out to a restaurant near your hotel and then crawling into bed to catch some 30 Rock before hitting snooze on your mental clock. It's okay! Just be honest. This way I can use your two free drink tickets. 

4) "Where are you staying?" - I ask this one often as well. I'm not entirely sure why. I am not asking if I can come back to your hotel later for a night cap and I sure as hell don't want you sneaking over to my room. 

5) "How was your flight?" - I've never thought much about people flying unless it's me or on the news. Though, at conferences suddenly it's all about detailing flight intel of our peers. What time did you land? When does your flight take off? How long was your flight? I'm not sure what to do with this information once I receive it. It was roughly five and a half hours? You don't say Steve! Well, did you at least get one of those tiny pretzel bags? No? Hm..alright, well this just got awkward...

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