Monday, July 16, 2012

Costa Rica - Journal Entry #1

April 21, 2012.

Somewhere above Central America and one hour away from landing in San Jose, Costa Rica! An announcement was just made in Spanish and English to make sure we are seated with our seat belts fastened. For some reason, it still hasn't 100% set in what I'm doing, the trip I'm on, or the fact that I'm going to be in Costa Rica attending an idealistic "bucket list-esque" trip in mere minutes. 

I remember booking this trip. It was during my self-proclaimed, "Year of Crazy Kate" in 2011. Albeit, eating an entire large bag of peanut M & M's for dinner is some kind of crazy, booking this trip was undoubtably the most spontaneous and grand gesture I made that year.

I had gone with a gut feeling. Now, this being my self-proclaimed "Year of Authenticity," it feels harmoniously in theme to be attending an all women's yoga retreat in 2012.

Aside from some organic meals and yoga poses, I really have no idea what to expect for this week and I'm peacefully okay with that. May the journey begin. 


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